Truck noise

A Beaconite who lives on Waterfront Drive is often disturbed by the trucks that roar through Road Town at high speeds, alternately revving their engines and pumping their noisy jake breaks.

The drivers, he thinks, are irresponsible and inconsiderate — and besides, they are breaking the law and endangering lives by speeding. On Tuesday, however, the Beaconite learned that he isn’t the only one suffering. During an informal “meet the press” session on the porch of the Government House, Governor Gus Jaspert had to stop talking several times because he was drowned out by trucks roaring by on the road down the hill. Though road-traffic issues don’t necessarily fall into the governor’s portfolio, the police force does. The Beaconite hopes Mr. Jaspert will use his influence to encourage police officers to crack down on irresponsible truckers.

Coral relief

A Beaconite recently had an enlightening conversation with Dr. Shannon Gore, president of the Association of Reef Keepers. Dr. Gore explained that volunteer divers had “out-planted” branches of coral last month into Smugglers Cove as part of a long-term effort to revive dying reefs in the territory. After speaking with her, the reporter took a trip over to Smugglers and was happy to see snorkelers checking out the marine life. Though of course it’s too soon to see the out-planted coral be substantially bigger, in several months’ time swimmers and divers will be able to see the effects of ARK’s hard work.



Pedestrian crossings were made for a reason. However, a Beaconite finds that some motorists tend to ignore them. She has often seen drivers stop on the walkways, forcing pedestrians to go around. Other drivers see pedestrians but continue driving instead of stopping for them. Last Thursday, while the Beaconite was waiting to cross the street on Waterfront Drive, a truck roared up and then came to an abrupt stop in the middle of a crosswalk. The reporter wouldn’t have minded the driver stopping there if he hadn’t driven up so fast. Perhaps it’s time for police officers to start ticketing drivers who don’t respect pedestrians.

Exercise motivation

In the past, a Beaconite has enjoyed various sorts of exercise. In fact, at one point she was running five miles at least twice each week. That fitness bug is long gone, but she hopes to get it back soon. During her fit days, she’d walk up flights of stairs without panting, but today that’s far from the case. She’s looking for motivation and is willing to join any fitness groups willing to welcome her. She hopes to lose at least 10 pounds before the end of the year. She can be reached by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


A Beaconite who has been on a search for breakfast options recently was delighted to find omelettes, pancakes and even a full English breakfast (Jack Whitehall approved) at a café in Nanny Cay. She is also looking forward to exploring West End, where she hears waffles and pancakes are more abundant.

Happy boater

A Beaconite jetted to Beef Island on Friday alongside Premier Dr. Orlando Smith, who gave an address to happy campers at the Fisherman’s Co-Op ceremony in Virgin Gorda and was courteously delivered to his waiting entourage afterwards. The Beaconite was smiling as the premier had an engaging conversation with the captain of their vessel, who could barely be heard over the roar of the motor and the sound of waves breaking beneath the boat. It was a beautiful evening to coast on the water and it was pleasant to be in the company of such happy spirits.