Dear Sirs,
Crystal Clear Marine is the ZAR Formenti RIBs Distributor for Virgin Islands, our main office is located in Virgin Gorda, BVI.

ZAR RIBs are excellent for all water sports: fishing, diving, water skiing and as a pleasure boat to enjoy your life on the water. These RIBs are made using the most innovative design techniques. Due to the distinctive side tubes placed on these RIBs and the very deep hull, they display incredible stability and performance in rough seas. They are lightweight, easy to tow and fuel efficient.
ZAR started in 1978 and is present in many European countries and other parts of the world, including the US. Our current Delaers are in Florida, Maryland, Illinois and Washington. The response of the US market, has been overwhelming for it's quality, safety, reliability, performance and superb italian look/style. With that in mind, we want to bring this product to other areas in the U.S.states and Now in the BVI so that everyone can enjoy this pleasurable cruising experience.

ZAR ribs range in sizes from 11' to 33'. The two smallest boats, 11' & 13' are an excellent choice for a tender and would also add to the style of the yacht it is placed on. Regardless of the size, all of our Ribs feature style, sophistication, performance and comfort. Zar collectively exceeds the desirability and performance over any of our competitors (see below videos).
We offer:
The best quality on the market.
Manufacturer Representative assistance.
Supportive Programs for maintenance and warranty.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We look forward to meeting with you in the near future.

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The new tender line by ZAR, represents a great leap forward in terms of design, function, performance and reliability.  A key aspect of our design philosophy demands that these RIBS must be instantly recognizable as a ZAR.
ZAR’s recognized lead and expertise in the top class of the RIB industry converges in this demanding product. All of the iconic elements such as the deep ‘V’ hull for great performance and comfort, the rigid bow for a more spacious interior, the enormous storage space and the quality materials selection have been uncompromised.
ZAR Formenti decided to support the established ZAR classic series with the new line, SPORT LUXURY to offer the market a range of carefully prepared and equipped products.
ZAR 65
The ZAR 65 is big, spacious and comfortable: a real flagship! It is the best interpretation of the philosophy that gave birth to the ZAR dynasty. Places and volumes at will without any waste. Everything is functional, thought and built with precise goals.
Zar 57 Welldeck water test in Chicago - English
The ZAR 57 Well-Deck rose from the glorious ashes of the ZAR 57 Twin, the ancestor of all the ZARs. Fifteen years of experience are concentrated in this new model, which offers unusual space and functionality.
Every feature of the new ZAR tender line has been conceived for a fun, comfortable, practical and safe experience.