Despite extensive flooding on the ground floor of the Ashley Ritter Building in Road Town, the Labour Department announced last week that it resumed providing all services after the Aug. 7-8 tropical wave.

Services formerly provided in the bottom section of the building will now be moved to the second floor, according to a press release the agency issued last Thursday.

“This means that the regular course of conducting business will be restored as soon as possible,” said Deputy Premier Dr. Kedrick Pickering, the minister of natural resources and labour. “We recognise that this department has a heavy influx of traffic, and we will like the clients and staff alike to be comfortable while conducting business.”

Computers and furniture in the department’s office were badly damaged during the storm, and Dr. Pickering said that repair work has started.

“The damages sustained by our community will be counted as a learning experience which has taught us to be vigilant at all times, but more so especially during the hurricane season,” Dr. Pickering said.

Labour Commissioner Janice Rhymer added that staff will continue working to ensure that everyday processes run “as smoothly as possible.”

Services also resumed Friday at the Johns Hole Magistrates’ Court and at Student Services and the UNESCO offices in the Ward Building.