After Governor Gus Jaspert issued the all clear on Thursday morning, residents flooded out of their homes, where a curfew had required them to remain since 6 p.m. on Tuesday.

“We wish to thank the emergency and essential workers whose efforts on Wednesday have helped to unblock roads,” Mr. Jaspert said of the response to Hurricane Maria. “I also give thanks to the police forces, including those from the United Kingdom, Bermuda and Cayman here, and the British military, who were immediately ready to help ensure security was maintained, and aid and recovery could restart.”

In Road Town, traffic slowed to a crawl as residents lined up at gas stations, grocery stores, and cell phone companies to conduct business.

Meanwhile, public officers, volunteers and private citizens got back to work.

A team from the BVI Electricity Corporation repaired poles along the Sir Walter Francis Highway near Road Town, and heavy equipment continued to clear debris, including large rocks that tumbled down onto the road in Tortola’s West End during Maria.