Police are trying to identify the body of a male that was recovered from a ghut below Treadfalls on Monday, Sept. 25, according to Police Information Officer Diane Drayton.

“We cannot confirm the cause or time of death,” wrote Ms. Drayton, who did not provide further information about the man, his age or his appearance. “The Coroner’s Office has been notified and a postmortem is being arranged.”

At this stage, she added, the death is not being treated as suspicious.

Police are asking for information on “any missing male who may have lived, worked or had any reason to be in that area,” Ms. Drayton stated.

Because the 911 emergency number is currently down across the territory, police must be contacted through separate numbers for different phone service providers.

Digicel users can call 344-1818, 344-1222 or 344-1977, Ms. Drayton said.

Flow users can call 545-4866, and CCT users can call 468-9001 or 468-9000.