The BVI Electricity Corporation estimates that it has restored at least 20 percent of the electrical grid, according to BVIEC Chairman Ron Potter.

At the statutory body’s current pace, it is also likely it will be able to restore about 60 percent of the grid within three months, Mr. Potter explained while speaking at a BVI Finance Limited meeting Thursday morning.

Both Mr. Potter and BVIF Interim Director Lorna Smith, however, were quick to say that the process would quicken if BVIEC could bring down more line workers.

About 60 people are currently working on the restoration project. The BVIEC would need about double that number to finish the grid by 2018, according to Mr. Potter.

Ms. Smith expressed confidence that the agency would get help.

“We’re fighting to get those [line workers],” said the interim director, who is married to Premier Dr. Orlando Smith, adding, “I’ve gotten from the highest source that we’re going to get at least another 30.”

Mr. Potter also estimated that it would cost $25 million to restore the grid and another $20-$50 million to make the system significantly more resilient to any future storms.