Scenes of Crime officers were trained last week to use a new system that will make it easier to link bullets to firearms, police reported.

The Integrated Ballistics Identification System, made available through a United Kingdom-funded initiative, had already been installed, but the officers’ training was pushed from September to January after Hurricane Irma.

Officers will now be able to collect and store two- and three-dimensional images of cartridge cases and bullets for analysis, and then compare those to guns already in the national database, a police press release reported.

The system also connects to the Caribbean Regional Integrated Ballistics Information Network and the Interpol Ballistics Information Network.

Police Commissioner Michael Matthews hopes the technology will speed up police investigations into firearm-related crimes.

“The length of time it takes to get results on ballistic links has slowed down our ability to advance investigations and bring timely arrests,” he said. “With this new system, along with equipment and the accompanying training, we can now progress investigations in a more timely manner.”