Andrew Fahie (R-D1) is the new face of the Virgin Islands Party.

After losing the party’s chairmanship election to Opposition Leader Julian Fraser (R-D3) two years ago, Mr. Fahie resoundingly won the position on Wednesday night by a party delegate vote of 55-22.

That means Mr. Fahie will likely top the VIP’s ticket in the next general election, and would act as premier should the party regain enough seats to take a majority in the House of Assembly. 

VIP newcomer Natalio “Sowande” Wheatley won the presidency by a vote of 53-19, defeating Preston Stoutt. The VIP president does not compete for a legislative position in the HOA, according to the party’s constitution.

Mr. Wheatley replaces Carvin Malone, who is retiring after 17 years as the party’s president, 15 of which he worked alongside former Premier and Party Chairman Ralph O’Neal.

Mr. Malone said he felt “very excited” about the prospect of Messrs. Fahie and Wheatley representing the VIP.

“I think the results were overwhelming and reflective of what the territory feels,” he said. “Together as a team, we will help move the country forward.”

Mr. Malone said he would continue to be an active member of the party, providing assistance and advice to Mr. Wheatley when needed.


After Mr. O’Neal retired from politics in May 2014, Mr. Fraser (R-D3) defeated Mr. Fahie (R-D1) by a vote of 44-29 to assume the party chairmanship.

In the general election last June, the VIP lost all but two seats in the House of Assembly, with Messrs. Fraser and Fahie forming the entirety of the opposition. The VIP’s constitution requires the party to hold an internal vote within three months of losing a general election.

A meeting to do so was scheduled for Sept. 2, 2015, and Messrs. Fraser and Fahie were expected to compete again for the chairmanship.

However, Mr. Malone explained after the meeting that 46 of the 58 delegates present supported a motion to defer the election in order to “have a chance to understand all that has taken place since the election of June 8.”