After police executed search war-rants at several Anderson Hill properties early Sunday morning and found 124.36 kilograms of cocaine, six Venezuelans were arrested and charged with crimes, the Police Information Office announced yesterday.

Hector Gonzales, 26; Pineda Moises Gonzales, 27; Franklin Ramirez Garcia, 26; and Jessica Faronas Farinas, 32 — all residents of Anderson Estate — were jointly charged with possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply; keeping a firearm without a licence; and landing in the territory without permission from an immigration officer, according to a police press release.

Two other Venezuelans residing in Anderson Estate — Dannys Rodriguez Robles, 59 and Emerais Lopez Leiva, 55 — were arrested and charged with overstaying their landing permits, the press release stated.

All six detainees remained in custody pending their appearances at Magistrates’ Court, the press release stated.