Following a series of burglaries plaguing homes and businesses in Road Town over the previous two-week period, police announced last Thursday that they had arrested and charged three men.

“Officers of the Criminal Investigations Department have diligently conducted thorough investigations leading to notable breakthroughs,” according to a statement from the Police Information Office. “As a result, arrests have been made and charges have been laid against individuals involved in these criminal activities.”

Kempes Nicholls, 32, of Wickhams Cay, was charged with three counts of burglary and two counts of handling stolen goods, police said, adding that he was in custody awaiting his appearance at the Magistrates’ Court.

David Baronville, 45, of Long Bush, and Mikhail Howe, 33, of Lower Estate, were also charged with burglary and were granted bail for their scheduled court appearance in January, according to the PIO.

Police thanked the public for providing information that assists in
their investigations.