The National Democratic Party and the Virgin Islands Party didn’t let their at-large candidate campaign launches on Saturday get in the way of also holding events for district candidates.


The NDP launched Third District candidate Kevin “OJ” Smith on Friday night and the VIP launched Fifth District candidate Zoe Walcott-McMillan on Sunday.

The People’s Empowerment Party also launched its third candidate, Second District nominee Elford Parsons, on Sunday night at the Cane Garden Bay Park.

Mr. Smith, who is taking on VIP leader and Third District incumbent Julian Fraser, pledged that he’d always be available to lend an ear to his constituents if they elect him.

“I am approachable. I am sociable. I am lovable. I am committed to serving others,” he said.

Ms. Walcott-McMillan promised improved public transportation to the people of Huntums Ghut and its surrounding areas.

“Within 60 days of my being in office, a [bus] service will run throughout the district until the national public transportation matter is addressed,” she said.

PEP President Natalio Wheatley said many people might be counting out Mr. Parsons because his party only has three candidates so far, but that the D2 nominee could end up being a major player in the election.

If government is split with six VIP members and six NDP members, said Mr. Wheatley, then “Elford could be the most powerful man in the House of Assembly.”