As part of an ongoing campaign to enforce the territory’s traffic laws, police issued 70 tickets, reported 25 people for charges, and seized two scooters in Virgin Gorda last Thursday, Police Information Officer Diane Drayton said Monday. 

According to Ms. Drayton, 44 people were ticketed for driving without a seatbelt; 11 were ticketed for riding on or standing in the tray of a truck; seven were ticketed for prohibited tints; and four were ticketed for failing to display a taxi licence. 

Kishon Leslie, acting sergeant within the Road Policing Unit, said he is concerned that so many people were disregarding rules that require the use of seatbelts and that prohibit driving while using a cell phone without a hands-free device and standing in a truck bed. 

“The [police] may report of those that die or are seriously injured in traffic collisions,” Mr.Leslie said. “However, we rarely report on those who have to be flown off for further treatment and are in long-term hospitalisation or those who are permanently disabled [and] lose their income and quality of life.” 

The regulations under the Road Traffic Act are intended to reduce injuries in case of a collision, police said.