The newly naturalised citizens pose with Premier Andrew Fahie and Governor Gus Jaspert. (Photo: GIS)

In the first naturalisation ceremony under the new government, 80 people received naturalisation certificates on Tuesday at the Government House.

They can now register as British overseas territory citizens.

During the event, the recipients recited the oath of allegiance to the queen as well as a pledge of loyalty to the Virgin Islands, according to Government Information Services.

“Today is your day, marking a key milestone in your quest for British citizenship,” said Governor Gus Jaspert, who officiated. “Many of you will have harboured this ambition for years. I hope and imagine that all of you are feeling a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction in attaining this citizenship status, conferring as it does the right to carry a BVI passport and to register as a British citizen for a full British passport.”


Mr. Jaspert also stressed the importance of maintaining a strong commitment to the territory.

“All of you will of course already have demonstrated a commitment to the British Virgin Islands over many years in diverse and varied fields of activity, reflecting the BVI’s own rich and developing community,” he said.

Premier Andrew Fahie also addressed the recipients, stressing the importance of unity to the development of the VI and the wider Caribbean.

“I want to reiterate that unity is strength, and I am a firm believer that the Caribbean has not reached its full potential as yet because we do not understand that our strength is in each other,” he said. “I am predicting that the Caribbean will be one of the greatest little nations in the coming future when we learn that we have more things in common than what we have in terms of our differences.”

The event was chaired by Registrar General Stephanie Benn, who urged the recipients to take good care of their certificates since replacements are not easy to obtain.

The laws

Naturalisation is a process under the British Nationality Act of 1981 and the VI’s 2007 Constitution by which people can become VI citizens. Naturalised citizens also become British overseas territory citizens, and as such they may obtain a VI passport and are eligible for a United States visa waiver.

They can also register and vote in elections in the VI and apply to register as a British citizen of the UK.



Lilian Agnes Alphonso

Lucianne Roseanne Jackson-Alexander

Gracia Glencia Strough-Ashton

Donna Dolores Catherine August

Elvin Herbert August

Susan Anuradha Augustine

Junior Javier Rodriguez Baez

Julian Barry

Renda Isola Bolus

Desrie Montgomery Butler

Dawn Maureen Livingston-Brewley

Belford Gillet Charles

Kaleigh Janine Fleuella Chinnery

John Cohen

Johniese Cohen

Cricelda Mejia Creque

Sonia June Marie Dennis

Johanna Emilia Baret De Diaz

Maria Anita Drigo

Mary Rose-Marie Dublin

Jordaris Maireli Richards Ferreras

Keisha Alicia Lewis-Flax

Ted Francis

Tracy Francis- Smith

Dexter D. G. Frederick

La Verne C. Roberts-Frederick

Denise Glasgow Frett

Godfrey Mathias Gabriel

Yahaira Richards Garcia

Sarah Valya George

Kevin Danion Gill

Manichand Girwar

Marcia Patricia Charles-Green

Michelle Sheri Henriques

Lydia Henry

Celine Nellie Hodge

Suzette Daphine Morgan-Hodge

Dawn Theona Alexander-Joseph

Sebastien Joseph

Ryan James Joseph

Savitri Lake

Casadena Natasha Wilkes-Lettsome

Patricia Boneta Lettsome

Reuben White Liburd

Karen Mary London

Santiago Enmanuel Thomas Luis

Bernard Anthony Marie

Lenus Stephen Martin Matthews

Shernette Antoinette Dougan-Matthias

Noida Lee Meade

Gail Joseph-Mercer

Ezequiel Hubert Wells Molina

Claudia Garrone Nibbs

Augustina Thelma Paul

Lucian Sharon Mae Jules-Paul

Glendon Augustus Peters

Josefa Aleyda Ceballos De Potter

Yenny Maria Flores Powell

Elizabeth Ramgobin

Sewh Ramgobin

Lindbergh Leon Royer

Gregoria Pena Martinez-Samuel

Heida Fiana Marlita Joyles-Selwood

Albertina Septus

Carlton Adolphus Simon

Cherry-Ann L.C. George-Smith

Kenesha Latoya Thomas-Smith

Michael Andre Smith

Kathia Patricia Gonzalez Steer

Sharon Verona Reid-Stevens

Sonia Cynthia Duporte-Stevens

Hannif Leroy Sutherland

Roman Telemaque

Shamoy Trevon Thompson

Mithcah Rissah Diana Vaughns

Kingsley O’Brian Wallace

Mildred Winter

Compton Arthur Wintz

Denise George Wintz

Dwight Martino Williams