Visitors and staff at the Central Administration Building are being asked to present official identification at the door and to dress in business or business casual attire under a pair of new policies that will take effect Sept.1.


Visitors already are required to sign in at CAB, but under the new policy security officers will check ID cards to make sure that the name being given is correct, according to a press release issued Friday.

Visitors will leave their ID with a guard and receive a visitor badge.

“This ID card system is necessary in the event of an emergency or an investigation,” said Facilities Manager Ariel Donovan.

Employees who work at the CAB will also be required to show a government ID card to enter the building, the release states.

The appearance policy will encourage a more professional atmosphere by requiring everyone working and visiting the CAB to “groom themselves in a manner that is modest, clean and decent,” the release states.

It adds that except in cases where a person has a disability or religious grounds, those not in professional attire won’t “be allowed to enter the compound for any reason.”