St. Mary’s Nicholas Flavien runs after the ball during a game against Robinson O’Neal Memorial Primary last Friday. (Photo: TODD VANSICKLE)

Glen Bascombe picked up cones around the Little Dix field on Virgin Gorda after St. Mary’s beat Robinson O’Neal Memorial Primary, 5-1, in an after-school football match last Friday.

The league has improved from previous years, according to Mr. Bascombe who oversees coaching for the league on VG.

“It’s been going good so far,” he said. “We have been training from the beginning of the year.”

St. Mary’s, Cornerstone, Bregado Flax Educational Centre and Robinson O’Neal Memorial Primary compete in the after-school league on VG. The league is divided into two divisions: under-9 and under-12.

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Other than Tortola, VG is the only other island that currently has an after school league. Organisers and athletes are faced with challenges, but  BVI Football Association officials are optimistic that the league will pay off in the long run.

“Because of the logistics, it is virtually impossible for us to include the islands of Jost Van Dyke and Anegada in the league at this time,” BVI Football Association Treasurer Martin Cooke wrote in an e-mail. “The ferry time table is not conducive to do so, nor is it cost efficient to charter a vessel.”

However,  the BVIFA  is making an effort to improve football on the sister islands. In September, officials will be conducting coaching programmes throughout the territory.