Two people have been arrested in connection with recent robberies, police said.

Donald Hanley, of The Valley, Virgin Gorda, was charged with robbery after he allegedly approached a woman on her way home at night and took the proceeds from a VG business in March, police said.

No one was injured in the incident.

Another man is in custody facing questions about an attempted robbery of a food stand in Long Bush shortly after midnight on Saturday, police said.

He escaped custody while being treated at Peebles Hospital for injuries sustained during the attempted robbery, but was subsequently recaptured.

In the attempted robbery, two armed men dressed in black hoodies reportedly held up workers of the food stand, according to police.

Initial investigations indicate that one of the men tried to grab a bag of money from a worker but was fought off, police said. In the struggle, the gun allegedly was taken away from that assailant and his partner ran away through the parking lot.

The gun hasn’t been recovered, and Deputy Police Commissioner Alwin James is appealing to witnesses to assist the police in recovering it.