Kehinda Frett, 30, of The Sound, East End, died early Saturday morning after crashing his all-terrain vehicle on the dual carriageway near One Mart, Police Information Officer Akia Thomas said.

Police received reports of Mr. Frett’s wreck at approximately 3:25 a.m. and shortly thereafter responded to the scene, where he was pronounced dead, according to Ms. Thomas.

During the first weekend of the month, two men suffered similarly severe wrecks.

On Feb. 1, Reon Stephens, a 25-year-old Guyana national who resided in Great Mountain, died after crashing his motorcycle on a stretch of the dual carriageway near Carib Supply, police said.

Mr. Stephens’ crash occurred hours after Keron Andrews, a 29-year-old Vincentian residing in Diamond Estate, was severely injured when his vehicle wrecked near Paraquita Bay, police said.

Police did not release details about the vehicle driven by Mr. Andrews, who was later airlifted to a hospital in Trinidad.

In late January, police responded to public complaints about illegal motorbikes and ATVs in the territory by announcing a plan to curb the disturbances stemming from the use of such vehicles, according to a January press release.

Two-pronged approach

To that end, police said they would push a two-pronged approach centred on education and enforcement of the territory’s laws, though they did not detail any new strategies for doing so.

“The [force] strongly encourages persons who make use of motorbikes to do so responsibly, to abide by all the laws of the territory, and to wear all required safety equipment required by law,” Police Commissioner Michael Matthews stated at the time.