On Friday, the Julian Fraser Save the Seed National Basketball League continued at the Save the Seed Energy Centre in Duffs Bottom.

In the first game, the Pure Playaz beat Da 3rd, 122-66.

Garvin Frett led all scorers with 23 points in the win, while Bodcan Samuel contributed 20 and Ramain Minott had 19 for the Pure Playaz.

Da 3rd was led by Jameiz Stoutt with 20 points and 10 rebounds.

In the second game, We Dem Boys slipped by the Splash Brothers, 68-66.

Hakeem Penn had 22 points and Mackebo Fahie scored 11 in the win, while Neil Willis grabbed 10 rebounds for We Dem Boyz.

Dillon Etienne scored 17 points and finished with 11 rebounds for the Splash Brothers.

On Saturday, High Speed took the win over the Young Starz, 46-43.

Kimmoy Canies had 18 points for High Speed and Raheem Hodge scored 17 points for his team Young Starz.

On Saturday in the Senior Division, Momentum beat Da 3rd, 108-72.

Momentum was led by Radley Stevens with 23 points and Jovaughn Cameron and Nikos Penn each had 17 points in the win.

Da 3rd’s top scorer was Vincent Wattley with 17 points.

In the second game, the Knights toppled the Young Empire, 108-63. The winning team was led by Nicols Charles with 26 points.

In the third game, Pure Playaz beat the Warrias, 108-74.

Ray Victor, of the Pure Playaz, had 26 points in the win, while Jose Balbuena had 24 points.

The Warrias top scorer was Juan Richards with 17 points.

On Sunday, Beast Mode beat the East Cavaliers, 37-27, in the Junior Division.

Aaron Williams led Beast Mode with 17 points, while the East Cavaliers were led by Kyel Leader with 11 points.

In the senior division, We Dem Boys scored 116 points in the win over the Young Empire who finished with 71 points.

Mackebo Fahie led all scorers with 31 points and four steals for We Dem Boys.

In the final game of the weekend, the Bayside Blazers beat the Warrias, 105-73.

Tavon Phillips had 21 points to help the Bayside Blazers to victory, while Juan Richards scored 18 points for the Warrias in the loss.

Games continue tomorrow and continue through Sunday at the Save the Seed Energy Centre.