A woman serves dishes during the 2021 Anegada Lobster Festival. (File Photo: JOEY WALDINGER)

Organisers expect a big turnout for the 10th annual Anegada Lobster Festival now that Covid-19 protocols have eased locally and internationally, according to Tourism Director Clive McCoy and event committee Chairman Carnel Clyne.

“Anegada Lobster Festival was launched in 2013 with the objective of driving visitor traffic to Anegada,” Mr. McCoy said during a Monday Facebook announcement with Mr. Clyne. “Now ten years later, Anegada Lobster Festival is one of the most highly anticipated events. Locals and international visitors flock to Anegada to taste the world’s most delicious lobsters.”

With relaxed Covid-19 protocols, he added, more guests are expected to stay at Anegada during the Nov. 25-27 event.

Government, he noted has recently invested in projects like the restoration of the Fisherman’s Wharf, the construction of lookout points, the maintenance of the botanical gardens, and the renovation of the Faulkner House Museum.

He went on to say that the Anegada community has collaborated with government throughout the years to put the event together.

“We’re here in 2022, our tenth year in having the festival. What makes this year so different? There’s no pandemic: That’s number one,” he said. “We have new and exciting opportunities on board. We have ten participating restaurants all serving unique lobster dishes.”

Accommodations and rentals have already been “sold out” on the island, according to Mr. McCoy.

Barges will transport vehicles throughout the weekend of the event, and ferries will run from Road Town, Trellis Bay and Virgin Gorda.

“We have activities too as well. We’re having the water slide and the foam machine. We’re having the Lobster Crawl and horseback riding,” Mr. Clyne said. “We hope that you have fun, and we’ll be there to welcome you with a welcome drink as usual.”