The Transportation, Works and Utilities Ministry recently has struggled to secure the services of some construction vendors who refuse to assist until they get paid for past work, according to TWU Minister Kye Rymer.

Mr. Rymer said July 21 in the House of Assembly that the ministry had caught up on some outstanding fees, but more remain as staff members try to verify invoices up to five years old.

He added that a large amount is owed to many businesses for their service in the territory.

“The situation has damaged our reputation in the business community, and we are experiencing difficulties executing on certain projects as particular vendors are not willing to offer further services or products until these old bills are paid,” Mr. Rymer said, without naming any specific projects.

He added that “another huge sum” is set to be paid to vendors in the coming weeks, though he did not disclose any figures.

“However, the largest portion of this outstanding debt has not been verified,” he said. “But I want to assure the vendors that we are feverishly working on settling these outstanding invoices.”