To mark Safer Internet Day on Tuesday, police highlighted their initiatives to help keep Virgin Islands children safe when they spend time online.

By working with international partners like the United Kingdom-based Internet Watch Foundation and Safe Online — an initiative of the United Nations-led Global Partnership and Fund to End Violence Against Children — police are trying to fill gaps in resources, evidence gathering, programmes and technology, according to Inspector Kendol Bobb, head of the Family and Juvenile Unit.  

Mr. Bobb said the End Violence Fund has mobilised $83 million since 2016, $48 million of which was invested in 60 projects focussed on preventing and eliminating online child sexual exploitation and abuse in over 70 countries. 

He added that in April 2022, the fund will announce more than $20 million in new investments to continue supporting countries as they strengthen systems, generate evidence, and develop technological solutions.

“We want to focus on celebrating the progress made so far and creating a safe internet by

raising awareness about the issue, sharing solutions, and calling for everyone to

take action,” Mr. Bobb said, adding, “With your help, we hope to engage communities and work together to end violence against children online.”