Adult clients of BVI Services attend a recent tea party. (Photo: GIS)

BVI Services recently hosted a tea party for people with disabilities who attend its adult day programme.

The event was part of the organisation’s ongoing community awareness initiative, according to Director of Disabilities Services Crystal Estridge.

Activities at BVI Services — which falls under Disabilities Services at the Social Development Department — are usually closed off from July to August, Ms. Estridge said. But the staff decided to host a special event this year to give participants a chance to integrate into society.

“We want them to have some experiences like the rest of us do that maybe they would not normally get to have,” Ms. Estridge said, adding, “Our special education teacher recommended that we have a tea party this year as a type of new initiative.”

The event, she noted, gave attendees a chance to socialise with each other.

“They get to do a nice little activity that they have not previously gotten to do and get to dress up and just have a good time,” she said.

Gillian Niles-John, the special education teacher, said the event was designed to give attendees a chance to experience a new environment.

“We focused on the attire because we wanted them to dress up like they are actually going out so that they can understand that there are different things in life that they can do and enjoy,” Ms. Niles-John said. “We also tried to make it as appropriate as possible with the teacups and the pastry table.”