Members of the BVI Ports Authority Board have not been paid since March, Premier Andrew Fahie revealed last month in the House of Assembly in response to questions from opposition member Mark Vanterpool.

Mr. Fahie blamed the delay on an employee who had “dropped the ball,” and said that the board members would receive their payments.

In response to a question from Mr. Vanterpool (R-D4) about the qualifications and experience of the members of various boards and commissions, Mr. Fahie said such information had been Gazetted, and he pointed to a standing order which states that no member may ask a question that can be answered by reference to available official publications.
He added that the Cabinet decisions for each appointment had been made known to the public.

“It is important to note that the criteria for the selection of any board member have been long established, and during the tenure of this committee the current criteria have not been amended,” he said. “There have never been any legally established criteria published to select a board member other than being a fit and proper person and approval by Cabinet.”