Cops: 28 firearms seized this year

A 22-year-old man was arrested and charged after police found a prohibited semi-automatic rifle and five rounds of ammunition at his Carrot Bay residence on Aug. 17, the Police Information Office announced last Thursday.

Police said Deandre Donovan was due to ap pear in Magistrates’ Court to face charges of pos session of a prohibited weapon and unlawful possession of ammunition.

The illegal items were found when police executed a search warrant in the early morning hours, according to the PIO.

Police are seeking the public’s help in identifying people in possession of illegal weapons in the territory. The Intelligence Unit can be contacted directly at 368-9339. Information will be held in strict confidence, police said.

Police Commissioner Mark Collins said the find is the latest of several firearm seizures in recent months.
“My officers have so far recovered 28 firearms for the year, including prohibited firearms and close to 500 rounds of ammunition,” he said. “Those tasked with identifying persons and seizing illegal weapons have been relentless in rid ding our streets of these firearms that have unfortunately cost too many lives. I commend their persistence.”