The BVI Beacon and other media outlets’ recent coverage of the need for immediate attention to dangerous roads

has had an impact here in Carrot Bay. Recently, a resident, assisted by his brother, climbed on his backhoe: So far, he has filled in about 20 percent of the deep trenches created by the rains associated with Tropical Storm Otto along the road up from the new post office. And he did it “without a penny of government funds,” he told me.

This public-minded spirit and action is really important to the residents, guests and service people who must traverse this treacherous road every day — particularly when the government is stretched in addressing other urgent priorities throughout the islands. We think the government should immediately address the road up from the new post office, because a catastrophe could easily occur. Government should at least fill in the trenches to prevent a rollover if someone catches a tire over the edge or if the road further collapses due to the weight of vehicles on the unsupported roadbed.

But failing that, the community spirit that is displayed by actions such as this not only makes our community safer, but it makes all of us here feel glad to be a part of Carrot Bay and the Virgin Islands.