Last week Cedar International School dedicated its new skate park to Justice Amory, a 2015 graduate who died following a car crash in 2017.

On the evening of March 26, more than 60 people attended a ceremony at the school, including Mr. Amory’s friends and family, park donors, and Cedar staff and students.

Among the speakers was Garreth Jardine, one of the honouree’s fellow graduates and closest friends, who visited Cedar shortly after Mr. Amory’s funeral to ask if he could skate on the basketball court in his friend’s memory, according to the school.

Mr. Amory and his friends had often skated on the court when they were students, and school staff members were moved by Mr. Jardine’s gesture.

During the ceremony last week, CIS Director Scott Crawford said the park is a way to celebrate Mr. Amory and his “important place” in the community.

“It will provide a positive and safe environment to skate for youth in the BVI,” Mr. Crawford explained. “This last
point is noteworthy, as there has been to this point no place dedicated for skating on Tortola, and there is always a need for more activities and spaces for teens and young adults to gather in positive ways.”

Public use

The park, he added, will be open to the wider community for scheduled clubs and open skate nights.

“In this way, we hope to extend the reach of Justice’s legacy, and through the solemn gesture of attaching his name to this park, position him to be associated with bringing joy and positivity to youth for years to come,” Mr. Crawford said.

Mark Forte, chair of Cedar’s board of trustees, formally dedicated the Justice Amory Skate Park.

“To represent his legacy in something as tangible and community-spirited as a skate park is a wonderful idea,” he said. “Let it be for all to enjoy and to try and emulate not just some of his moves, but all the qualities that Justice stood for.”

Other speakers included Mr. Amory’s grandmother Violet Gaul; Deputy Premier Dr. Natalio “Sowande” Wheatley; Youth Empowerment Project Director Stacy Mather; and others.

After the ceremony, several guests stayed to skate in Mr. Amory’s honour.