Following a spate of recent armed robberies, police charged Dabari Jonique Mercer, 26, of Baughers Bay, with carrying an unlicensed firearm and illegal tinting following a traffic stop on Sunday that resulted in police confiscating a loaded Glock pistol, they announced on Feb. 7.

During a patrol in the Fat Hogs Bay area, officers in the armed response team stopped a vehicle with “excessive tint” on its windows, and after notifying the driver of the territory’s laws on illegal window tints, they executed a search and found the gun in his front pants pocket with 12 rounds of ammunition, police stated.

The firearm seizure comes on the heels of other gun crimes in the territory.

On Saturday at around 8p.m., two masked men, one of whom carried a firearm, entered Island Sizzle in Baughers Bay and stole a cash register from the bar, a chain from a patron’s neck, and a purse from an employee before fleeing out of the back of the establishment, according to police. On Jan. 28, two armed men stole cash from De la Santa’s Bakery and Restaurant in Sea Cows Bay before making their way to Charles Chill Bar, where they took cash and jewelry from two patrons, as well as “a cash pan” from the bar, police stated.

They added that no one was injured during the incident.

“Neighbours and family members must make a concerted effort to report illegal firearms and contact police when they suspect someone has one,” Police Commissioner Michael Matthews said.

Anyone with information about the recent robberies should contact the police Intelligence Unit at 368-9339, police stated.