This writer, to the consternation of his army of critics, never believed Brexit was a good idea. He understood that in a world where regions were integrating and where the two main superpowers — China and the United States — were increasingly bellicose, staying within a united Europe offered the type of protection one obtains living in a well-fortified castle in a vast, terrifying and violent forest.

Billionaire Democratic activist Michael Bloomberg stated the obvious a few years back when it became clear that the United Kingdom was entertaining the foolishness of quitting the European Union: “Brexit is the single stupidest thing any country has ever done.”

And since Prime Minister Boris Johnson went to reside at Number 10 Downing Street, he has been accused of running the UK like a Russian tsar. In spite of possessing a Commons majority of 80-plus, Mr. Johnson’s government has been a catastrophe. The mishandling of the Covid-19 pandemic is simply one example of the huge failure in electing a “posh, swaggering, upper-class Bohemian.”

It is painful for Britons to observe the depth to which the country has descended: the moral bankruptcy; the corruption; the abuse of office; and the plunge in democracy, with the cabinet usurping the powers of Parliament. Meanwhile, the Tory government is handling Brexit very poorly.


UK in 2021

The “Three Wise Men” believe 2021 is going to be a horrific year for the UK.

The UK faces a serious threat from the surge in support for Scottish independence. And Northern Ireland will see huge instability as the support for remaining in the EU fosters a drive for uniting with southern Ireland, with further fears for an uprising if borders are created between North and South at the coast.

Then the UK economy that has already been pummelled by the pandemic faces even greater contraction, especially if Britain crashes out of the EU. Thousands of shops and businesses will close. High streets will empty of customers. Tax revenues will fall. Bankruptcy and unemployment will climb as the economy contracts.

Brexit was simply a “con.” Nothing will be better for Brexit. Already, UK pension funds have taken a hit. Local governments are headed for a financial crash. Britain’s National Health Service is being overwhelmed.

Added to these woes is the fact that the pandemic will not be over anytime soon. So the UK will be fighting without the type of backing the EU would have offered.


Trade deal

Additionally, the US is a very weak horse to ride these days in terms of a trade deal. There is no US trade deal in sight, and if Joe Biden wins the presidency the UK will be forced to eat humble pie and accept whatever trade deal the Europeans put on offer.

Yes, Brexit was a very bad move indeed.


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