It’s February. February. Are they here yet? Where are they? Who? Why, the 450 medical students who were to arrive this month to begin, or continue, their studies. Perhaps the plan got cancelled with the election, or perhaps government got scammed again. Who knows? Three weeks to go, though.

Third District incumbent Julian Fraser was right about one thing. Campaign contributions should be limited. And candidates should be required by law to report all contributions they receive to an electoral commission. Some of them must have more money than sense, what with the amount of advertising, airtime, grandstanding and wild promises. I think that in districts where one candidate is possibly a shoo-in, the other parties put up no-hopers with the intention of splitting the votes. They should also declare their experience and business or work interests, as well as any contracts with government.


Insurance promises

First District incumbent Andrew Fahie tries to win over the more gullible voters by promising to clamp down on the insurance companies. But he must know, even if they don’t, that we have an insurance tribunal that has just announced the cases that it has been adjudicating in the past year. That is the forum for complaints. He is probably getting his ear bent by people who have not gone to the tribunal, or gone and got rebuffed, or maybe don’t have insurance, or are ignorant of the effects of underinsuring their property.



According to the Constitution, electoral candidates have to make a declaration of interest that they are, or are not, connected with any organisation that has business with the VI government. So far 10 have made such an announcement. However, whilst some have laudably listed their business interests, some have not, and some have not actually made the required declaration. Four have not made a declaration, and three have not declared their business interests, whilst one states that he may have such an interest from time to time. The declarations take wildly different formats. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could cooperate and all produce the same format?


Flow service

The Flow country manager tells us that the company has completed its network rebuild “in various communities.” That means not all. So why is it that so many landline phones still do not work, especially of businesses, which are all using temporary mobiles. As a previous manager here, I urge him to publicise regular reports on their rebuilding progress.


Gov’t House Museum

The repairing of the Old Government House Museum ought to be funded by the government and BVI Tourist Board. But if they will not do so, I ask residents to support the efforts of the museum’s board in getting this small but important contribution to our tourist attractions up and running again. There is to be a fundraising event on Feb. 15, but I fear $500,000 is a long way to go.