I didn’t realise how short of money we have become. The BVI Ports Authority puts out a tender and receives three quotes for old boats, not new ones. Where is the sense in that? Can’t we afford a new one?

It will probably soon be out of commission, given our ability with mechanical machinery.

Cabinet decided to waive the tender process for some office refurbishment, after the money already spent exceeded the petty contract limit. But the amount owed, $121,063, will be repaid in monthly instalments over a five-year period. Really! We must be short of cash.



I often wondered why people were charged with having explosives when arrested for gun offences. It seems our law must have been written in the days of muskets, when gunpowder had to be tamped down the barrel before the ball (bullet) was added. Still, that’s in keeping with the United States Constitution, when the Second Amendment was written in the “wild west” days, when settlers had to contend with animals, robbers and other threats.


‘A dictator’

There is more and more evidence that the premier is acting as a dictator. He recently rolled back price increases by the BVIPA and BVI Electricity Corporation, although he says they are not government bodies.

He also seems to have kept a close eye on disbursements of stimulus monies, particularly to fishers and farmers. Still, he does say it’s all his fault and he will take it on the chin. It’s difficult to put the nails in the lid of your own coffin.