Nationalism has been superseded by globalism. The world is changing significantly and rapidly. The screams of fear and anger from western citizens — especially blue-collar whites in the United States and Britain — will not change that.

This writer met a friend in Road Town on his way to the bank last week. His friend, a very prominent British belonger, stated, “I have been reading your columns, Igwe.” Yours truly was delighted. He asked his friend what he felt about Brexit, which this writer strongly opposes.

The response was, “Brexit will happen for the simple reason Brits of the older generation have never really liked the Germans and the French. Brits do not even like each other. The English have no great love for the Scots and Irish, and vice versa.”

Now, that was a huge revelation for this writer. He never really considered the matter of who likes who with regard to Brexit.


‘Invisible war’

Race hate and social division in the US, and the huge political divide of Brexit Britain, are here to stay. There is an invisible war taking place in the western world. This is a fight against change by a significant subset of the “white” population in the US and Britain especially. Sociologists see this phenomenon as a fear of whites losing the advantages and privileges of whiteness in a western world still controlled by white men.

The old certainties are being destroyed. Western power is shifting towards the east, with a rising China in an economically powerful Asia. This is negatively impacting manufacturing and farming communities in the US and UK.

Outsourcing by wealthy western investors is closing down once-solid industries and businesses in towns and cities across the US and Britain. This is driving social upheaval. The world is becoming a single economy controlled by super wealthy investors — the one percent who manage multibillion-dollar multinationals from superyachts, executive jets, and hideaways on remote islands.

China is expected to overtake the US as the world’s largest economy in a decade. China’s super wealthy are catching up in wealth measures with the US’s super wealthy. China is trading significantly with the so-called “Third World” and challenging the US as “world economic overlord.”


US losing power

Supply chains today are no longer based in a specific geography, but instead spread across multiple locations and cyberspace. They are organic and fluid, not rigid and static.

The US is losing both hard and soft power, owing to the horrible presidency of Donald Trump, who has lost key allies and is making the US increasingly disliked everywhere, including in the Americas.

In the Middle East and Africa, Russia and China are moving in to take the US’s place in the game of power, as the US retreats into its own region. The US turning its back on the Middle East, Syria and the Kurds is just the beginning of a geopolitical shift to the benefit of Russia, as the US withdraws into isolation despite its overwhelming military might.


‘Culture war’

There is culture war in the West between different social, economic and racial groups. It is furthermore a demographic war that will be fought until the bitter end.

It will end with the establishment of a new global order driven by investors, global corporations, and new and rising powers such as China and India. Mr. Trump and Brexit are simply the birth pains of that new order.



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