Hi there. Are you wondering where I have been? Right here with you, under lockdown. When the flights stopped and the Beacon could not distribute its print edition for a couple of weeks, I thought that was it for the duration. I followed the paper online, but the editor did not tell me they were back in print, and I never bothered to check the racks in the stores.

Instead, I started a daily lockdown blog on Facebook and Messenger that has gone on for more than 70 days. Only recently did I notice the paper was in print again, so here I am!


Beacon’s early days

Strange to think I have been retired here longer than the Beacon has been in existence. I used to write for the other papers occasionally, even before Dickson Igwe appeared on the scene. Back in the days of late letter-writer Tony Edwards, Beacon founding Editor Linnell Abbott was always pestering me to write something. The only letter the other paper printed of mine was about stamps, the editor’s favourite subject. He more or less told me that they would not print anything if I was writing for someone else, although Mr. Igwe seems to get away with it now.


Traffic changes

The new traffic rotation started this week. I hope it goes well, though there may be a few problems to be ironed out. Of course, if Wickhams Cay had been developed as envisaged in the original plans, none of this would be needed.



I think the government has done a pretty good job with the coronavirus situation, although it is hurting our economy badly. Unfortunately, like everything else here, we seem to have people who think that laws, rules and regulations don’t apply to them, and we are absolutely hopeless at “policing” and prosecuting offenders, whether they be bikers; National Health Insurance and Social Security defaulters; curfew breakers; or mask and social distancing violators (though the stores and offices are complying nicely).

We have to pray that no returning residents, or eventually visitors, inadvertently bring in the virus, and vigilance by our authorities is essential.