Every day I hear more and more complaints about the noise nuisance, particularly at night, made by motorcyclists. They race up and down and congregate in various locations. The police seem to be unable to do much about the problem, though they have made quite a collection of confiscated bikes over the years.

Coincidentally, this week the BBC have a report on young people congregating at night in “car meets” in the United Kingdom. Like here, they race up and down noisily and disturb the peace. The difference is that participants say their vehicles are “street legal” with regard to tax, insurance, roadworthiness and so on — and that they will move on if asked. That’s more than probably can be said here.


Motorbike auction

Now I hear that our police recently held an auction of confiscated bikes, probably to clear that mess in the police station. While some were not in very good condition, they were reportedly sold very cheaply.

In my opinion, they should have been destroyed. It’s not beyond the capability of some people to repair them and get them back on the road, further adding to the problem.

I previously reported that one Sunday a group of about 80 riders passed by me on Sophie Hill, many without helmets.



With no update on the fate of the police officer found dead in a sunken jeep in Road Harbour last October, rumours abound about the incident. Some are quite astonishingly bizarre.

It would be wise of authorities to issue progress reports on the investigation in order to quell, or confirm, the rumours.

What evidence was found at the scene? Were the officer’s lungs full of water? Was a cause of death determined? And so on.

Come to think of it, I don’t think we ever heard any more about the tied-up body found in the water at Sea Cows Bay in February 2021.


Road project

Meanwhile, the news that only one company submitted a bid for a major 38-mile road project is worrying. Does it mean they get the job? Or will it be retendered?

Mind you, the roads in St. Kitts — where the company is based — are reported to be far better than ours. So if they were involved, maybe they should be given a shot here.