Last July, I had occasion to write to your newspaper about the postal services in the Virgin Islands. I had hoped to be able to write a follow-up letter some six months later to applaud the improvements that had been made, but, alas, the follow-up letter I am now writing is to record that the situation has not improved one iota. If anything, it has deteriorated.

For the last three weeks, I have waited patiently in line for 15 minutes or so to collect my mail, only to be told that there is no mail for me. My last visit to the post office was on Jan. 26, when I was presented with a large bundle of mail, including five copies of The BVI Beacon — one dating from Oct. 25, one from Nov. 15, and three for the period Dec. 6-20. I also received three copies of the Rotarian magazine for December, January and February.

Fortunately, I have advised everyone I can to send me anything by mail because I have absolutely no idea when I will get it — if ever.

I am reliably informed that funds have been made available to rebuild damaged post boxes, although the one I use sits there in perfect condition. I am also led to believe that the post office says they have no vehicles, although I see plenty of new government vehicles on the road.


Not ‘one peep’

I have not heard one peep from the postal authorities as to when the long-suffering public can expect to see any improvements, but whilst the general public seems to be content with the present appalling service, I do not see any incentive for improvement.

Come on, fellow citizens: Join me in expressing your outrage at this situation. Let all the aspiring candidates for political office know that a functioning post office is an essential part of any civilised society. Let’s try to get some action whilst elections are in the air, because after the election is over I very much fear this issue will be going on the backburner again and not very much is going to get done.