I’m still waiting to be interviewed for the census. I heard that the form can be completed online, but I have looked and looked, and the only form I can find is an application form to be an enumerator. I won’t be applying!

Meanwhile, good luck to Supacop and his tinting exercise. There is at least one local company that I saw some time ago actually advertising the tinting film for sale. It is up to government to ensure that already-tinted imported vehicles comply with our regulations and that non-compliant film is not imported or sold — just as it ensures that drivers dip their headlights for oncoming traffic (not).

The minister of communications and works must have had his tongue in his cheek when he told us how many motorbikes are registered but admitted that many more are not. What are they doing about it? Was the poor kid who just died legal?


Drug trade

So the conviction of the head coach apparently hasn’t put off the drug runners.

People who live on the hills say they hear go-fast boats nearly every night. Let’s hope a few more dominoes will fall as a result of the Commission of Inquiry so that we can regain our true reputation (I leave you to say what that should be).

One wonders if the recent murder is connected in any way.


‘Side hustles’

The recent International Women’s Day breakfast broadcast on ZBVI featured interesting interviews about what they called “side hustles” (hassles?) — that is, businesses run outside one’s main job.

I got the impression that some of the speakers, but not all, work in government. And they’re not the only public officers who run side businesses.

No offence to anyone’s entrepreneurship, but it does make me wonder how someone can do a supposedly full-time government job and run a side business. Does it mean that the main job suffers (we all know the “she’s gone to lunch to come back” excuse for absenteeism), or is there just not enough for them to do? Does that point to the some of the civil service being overstaffed?

If any of the speakers do hold senior posts in the civil service, I trust they will register their side hustles in the forthcoming Register of Interests.