In the Virgin Islands, there is a huge problem with the young men riding motorbikes in our quiet neighbourhood in East End. The ages of these riders appear to range from about 12 to 50. The police have no control over these lawless youths.

My greatest concern is seeing these boys riding their noisy machines without helmets and carrying young children on these bikes. What is wrong with this picture? Well, let me explain this delicate situation. The murder of an innocent child will tear a hole in the fabric of our society.

There is a man who rides around the East End area with his child in one arm and a marijuana joint in his mouth. Police Commissioner Mark Collins, shouldn’t all citizens of the VI take immediate action to stop the death of these young men and the potential deaths of babies?

Nobody wants a young child to be killed on one of these noisy bikes.

In England and the United States, the laws are very clear about babies being put in dangerous positions. The Social Development Department should remove all these children from this perilous death trap.


Noise at night

The other problem with the bike riders is the time that they ride around the neighbourhood. The annoying time is around 2 in the morning, when elderly folks are trying to get some sleep.

Premier Andrew Fahie, you must act now to save our islands from this looming destruction that is right around the corner. The actions of these youngsters will ruin the tourism industry for your government.

The community must stand up and fight for this beautiful VI that my grandparents built.