This is the fifth Irmaversary.

Destructive Irma distressed the territory:

Crashing into our lives, creating confusion,

She poured a deluge of terror with no compassion.

The day started out very calm and bright.

Then dark clouds appeared and changed the lovely sight.

That Cat-5 hurricane caused such a dreadful scene,

And it all happened on September 6, 2017.


The heavy rain sounded like bullets when it ripped.

Strong wind caused branches to beat things like whips.

Birds and animals struggled to survive

The madness around them and tried to stay alive.

Things were tossed about in the air and on the ground.

Irma’s violence was severely felt all around.

Trees were stripped and mountains stood bare,

People were stressed from the chaos and fear.


The territory is now a spectacular sight,

Rebuilt by people whose hard work fixed it right.

Having faced the challenges with confidence, skill and strength,

They returned the islands to a wonderful environment.

Trees now sway in the gentle breeze, and mountains are green.

The fragrant flowers are soothing and create a beautiful scene.

Birds chirp happily as our attention they capture,

And allow us to enjoy the splendor of nature.