Queen’s Counsel Gerard Farara is a constitutional theorist with a successful and thriving legal practice in the Virgin Islands.

In early May, Mr. Farara asserted that any reform of a country’s or territory’s constitution must be determined by its national vision. To that end, he advised that policy makers define a national vision. But there was a caveat: A national vision must be flexible and speak to every facet of government.

Now, vision is critical to every undertaking in life. Individuals with purpose, ambition and discipline frequently succeed in getting to that proverbial land of their dreams. A vision must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time related: SMART.



But a vision must also be flexible enough to allow strategic planning parameters to change as the “ship of state” sails on to El Dorado.

A country or territory with a vision is a ship on the vast seas with a map showing where it is going. The vision is the desired location: El Dorado. As the ship sails, the captain, crew, and passengers are at peace, knowing the ship is on the correct path and moving along in the right direction.

In terms of safety, operations and onboard living, each person on board the ship knows exactly where they should be and what must be done at all times as the ship journeys along.

On the other hand, it is inconceivable that anyone will board a ship that does not know where it is going. A journey of that type will lead the ship to run into the rocks by the side of the proverbial cliff.

That is exactly what happens when a country or territory has no vision. Its economy, society and security cannot be guaranteed.


A vision for the VI

This wannabe visionary created a model of a vision for the VI to aid his writing on vision and politics. His vision for the territory over five to 20 years is the establishment of a sustainable, eco-friendly, food sufficient, scientific society that fully leverages its unique maritime geography to drive full employment and national prosperity.

Now if that is his vision for the VI, then there is no point investing millions of dollars of taxpayer cash in schemes that do not lead to the vision.

In essence, every activity of governance, and every national effort, should be grafted into the strategic roadmap that leads to that vision.


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