Fellow Virgin Islanders, I give thanks to the God who gives life and breath to all: rich, poor and middle-class; every race and gender; and believers of other persuasions. For there is only one source: God Almighty.

I acknowledge that some people do not want to hear anything about God: They only want to hear about making money and achieving political power. But they are entitled to their beliefs as I am entitled to mine. One thing we can all agree on, I believe, is that we did not create ourselves, and had no control over how we came into this world, nor can we prevent ourselves from going out when the time comes.


General elections

There is much speculation about the upcoming general elections, which take on the characteristics of a spectator sport every four years. I have shared my views on the matter of us as the electorate taking seriously our responsibility to hold all elected leaders accountable, regardless of which party you may be supporting. The “party” is an instrument created by individuals, and it is individuals who must make decisions and take responsibility for the decisions that they make. It is not “party” that was placed under the microscope of the Commission of Inquiry, if you will recall. (Just go to YouTube and take another look). It was individuals who were questioned, because it is individuals who must answer to the higher power. Also, it is individuals who must answer to us, the people, who beg for a vote to put them in the seat of power, which they crave.


Unfinished business

We must look beyond the elections to what lies ahead: unfinished business that concerns reforms for “good governance,” which is being scoffed at by some of the very people who should be seeking to improve the system for all of us. People who describe the COI as “demeaning and degrading” do not love the people of the VI, nor do they want to see improvement in the conduct of government affairs. It is sad to say this, but their own words speak for them. Moreover, when they try to poison the minds of “innocent” voters (and I use the word “innocent” to describe those who do not know better because they do not do research for themselves and they do not do critical thinking and reasoning with a full deck) who are the victims of propaganda and manipulation. They are trying to keep the electorate ignorant and hostile to their own progress.



I can say more but do not wish to take up too much space as this is not a political advert and there must be space for those with the money. I only wish to ask that you, as a voter, ask yourself what you expect after the elections. Don’t go back to where you were when the last campaign was going on four years ago. We have come a long way since then, and thanks to the COI we are lot wiser now than we were then. Thank you. God bless you, and God bless these Virgin Islands.