I am not surprised by the timeline published by the governor for the publication of the Commission of Inquiry report, because from his first announcement I estimated it would take a month before the report would be made public. And I am still more interested in the United Kingdom’s response to the report. That’s what I am waiting on. Bear in mind they can choose what recommendations to implement as well as do whatever else they please. This is what being a colony means: They have the final say.

In the meantime, I would like to see our House of Assembly put together a multidisciplinary task force to advise them and to create a response to the report. This is not a fight for politicians and lawyers, but a national matter that should involve our best and brightest minds. With all the talk of what’s in the public interest, somehow the people have been sidelined again. And they shouldn’t wait until after the UK gives its response during the talks in May and we don’t have a response then and there. Let’s be proactive for a change.

Two main hopes

Someone asked me what I want to see come out of this ordeal, and I said two main things.

The first is sweeping public service reform. We have heard talk about reform for over 20 years straight, but changes have only been superficial. Can you imagine what our territory would look like now if the talk had been acted on over the last 20 years? Folks, it is time the rubber meets the road, because an efficient, effective and responsive civil service and statutory bodies are critical parts of good governance.

The second is civil society (the people) getting a better understanding about what running the territory is really about and the fact that silence is consent when the people don’t participate in between elections.

We must hire (elect) capable and competent political leaders and not popular politicians. A person’s track record and character are important if you want to be given stewardship over our children’s future, because that is what leadership is all about. There is a reason you don’t hire an electrician to do a plumbing job. Think about it. Now is the time for a mental revolution where we stop settling for mediocrity and pursue excellence. We deserve nothing less.

This is a golden opportunity for us to own our “stuff,” stop making excuses for not doing what is right and correct — and what we knew was needed for decades. We need to take responsibility for our part and let the UK own their part. I have set my mind that come what may we will rise, because generations unborn are depending on us! Boots are by the side of the bed.