Shermain Wade gets his blood pressure checked during Delta Petroleum’s observance of Caribbean Wellness Day on Friday. Photo: NGOVOU GYANG

During the past year, Shermain Wade has been sick only twice. He attributes his good health to daily exercise, he said Friday, shortly after he got his blood pressure checked during Delta Petroleum’s observation of Caribbean Wellness Day.

The customer service representative was among scores of people who took advantage of the free testing offered by the staff of the Public Health Nursing Unit at businesses around the territory.

After Friday’s focus on companies, activities continued on Saturday, with walks and other events in several neighbourhoods.

At Delta, Mr. Wade said he learned valuable information about his health.

“My pressure was a bit high, so I have to find out the reason why it was so,” he said. “It is important that as young people we keep ourselves fit by exercising.”

Lucy Martin, director of public health nursing, agreed.

“It is important to exercise regularly,” Ms. Martin said. “Our lifestyle is the most important thing we have to change in order to keep blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol at a minimum.”

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