Two police officers who faced a hung jury earlier this year on the charge of conspiracy to steal are now scheduled to face retrial next year.

Pamphill Prevost and Simon Power returned to High Court on Monday for an update on their case, which is tentatively scheduled for January.

After a hung jury failed to reach a verdict during a three-month-long trial, the Crown decided to pursue the matter but is facing hindrances.

Principal Crown Counsel Tiffany Scatliffe-Espirit, on behalf of Crown Counsel John Black, raised several issues regarding the retrial. Prosecutors, for example, have not received full transcripts of the previous trial or the judge’s formal written decision, she said.

Ms. Scatliffe-Espirit added that the prosecutors are in the process of making sure all their witnesses are ready but the lack of transcripts is hindering them from moving forward.

She said the retrial would require a new judge as well as a second court location in order to handle the volume of court matters while ensuring the proceeding is not delayed.

Allegations that Messrs. Prevost and Power were connected to missing money over the course of four years brought them into court in early January.

Correction: This article has been updated to reflect the charge that resulted in a hung jury.