More than 115 vehicles were stopped Friday during an operation in the East End area led by the Road Policing Unit, police said.


Forty-nine people were ticketed for not wearing seatbelts, and another 16 for using cell phones while driving.

Three people were reported for heavy tint, another two for driving unlicensed vehicles, and one for driving an uninsured vehicle.

Inspector Dariel Robinson, head of the Road Policing Unit, said it is unfortunate that so many people flout traffic laws. He added that such operations will continue throughout the territory.

“The traffic laws, particularly as it relates to seatbelts and cellular phone use, are meant to reduce accidents and severity of injuries to occupants of vehicles and road users in general,” he said. “It would be great if more drivers could support the laws’ intention and abide. Nonetheless, the Traffic Department will be enforcing the law, and those who will not abide will be penalised.”