The Road Policing Unit collaborated with officers from other units in recent days to crack down on scooter riders who disturb residents by forming noisy, illegal motorcades, particularly on the western end of Tortola, police said yesterday.

In a Monday operation, one of the larger groups was blocked in the Ballast Bay area, and the riders abandoned their scooters on private properties in the area and ran, according to the Police Information Office.

As a result, nine scooters were confiscated and are now in police custody. Additionally, one of the riders was detained after suffering injuries while attempting to flee, police said. Inspector Karen Vanterpool, head of the Road Policing Unit, said the public greatly assisted in the success of the operation.

“While noise complaints from the public are helpful, the active participation by members of the public is what led to the success of this operation,” she said, though she didn’t provide further details on the public’s participation. “Similar operations will be carried out in the coming weeks.”

With investigations ongoing in connection to the seized scooters, Ms. Vanterpool said that owners with requisite proof of ownership, licence and insurance may come to the Road Town Police Station on Fridays between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.