Over the weekend, police seized four illegal motorbikes from the Cane Garden Bay area, according to Police Information Officer Diane Drayton. (Photo: RVIPF)

Police seized four oversized motorbikes over the weekend after an off-duty officer spotted the min the Cane Garden Bay area and alerted several teams of officers who helped confiscate the bikes, Police Information Officer Diane Drayton stated on Tuesday.

Officers from the Armed Response Team, the Road Policing Unit, the Marine Unit, and Her Majesty’s Customs were supported by members of the police’s senior management team in the seizure, according to Ms. Drayton.

She added that the motorcycles have been moved to a secure location as investigations continue, though no arrests have been made relating to the seizure.

Noting that off-duty officers are still working to enforce the law and keep the streets safe, Police Commissioner Mark Collins applauded the officers for moving quickly over the weekend to seize the motorbikes, according to Ms. Drayton.

All the motorbikes were larger than 1,000cc, but under customs regulations the legal-size limits for motorbikes in the territory is 125cc, the PIO added.