Rumour has it that 30 vehicles were ticketed $100 each for being parked in non-specified parking zones on April 21 near U.P.’s Cineplex. Never mind that they were not disturbing anyone or anything! The vehicle owners, for the most part, were viewing a performance of The New Ringmaster in the U.P.’s ballroom.

It is my understanding that the show’s profits, which benefit Hands On Volunteers, go to supporting Haitian children who are orphans of poverty. I am sure the non-profit organisation would be more than happy to help Tortola’s fine police department direct those parking ticket “funds” collected on April 21 to Haitian orphans. What a wonderful contribution that would be!

And should the police want to be a little more industrious and a lot more helpful to those orphans in Haiti, they could ticket the owners of the dozens of vehicles on Tortola without two functioning brake lights and taillights.

For such an offence, perhaps an even heavier fine could be charged per vehicle and donated directly to those needy Haitian youngsters with HOV’s assistance.

Hear’s hoping our police department does the right thing.