Former Cayman Islands Premier McKeeva Bush incurred more than $50,000 in gambling expenses on government-issued credit cards, prosecutors said. However, Mr. Bush claims that former CI Governor Duncan Taylor helped fabricate the charges in a conspiracy to drive him from office.


The trial, which began on Sept. 16, is expected to wrap up in the coming days. Mr. Bush faces six charges of misconduct and five counts of breach of public trust.

The charges arise from accusations that on 11 trips to Las Vegas, the Bahamas and Florida casinos between June 2009 and April 2010, Mr. Bush allegedly withdrew a combined $50,000 in cash on his government-issue credit cards.

By November 2012, when the matter was first investigated, he had an outstanding balance of $12,000, which he later repaid, prosecutors have said. Casino managers have testified that the transactions coincided with Mr. Bush’s use of his electronic loyalty card at gaming stations, and his use of several personal credit cards to rack up gambling debts. 

However, Mr. Bush’s attorneys have stressed that the money was always paid back and are alleging a United Kingdom-influenced conspiracy to “ruin” Mr. Bush, who has repeatedly clashed with UK officials over his government’s management of public finances.