Lydia Stoutt, 39, of Long Bush pleaded not guilty in Magistrates’ Court Tuesday to five counts of uttering false documents.

Ms. Stoutt is accused of using five cheques reported stolen from the Ministry of Health and Social Development to pay for $2,800 worth of various goods between Jan. 3 and Feb. 10, Crown Counsel Sarah Benjamin told the court.

The cheques were stored at the ministry’s front desk, Ms. Benjamin said. Ms. Stoutt works as a cleaner in various government offices and would have had access to the area where the cheques were stored, Ms. Benjamin said.

When questioned by police, Ms. Stoutt denied having any knowledge of the cheques, the prosecutor said. According to Ms. Benjamin, the defendant told police, “‘I don’t know about no cheque.’”

The prosecutor added that the Crown may request a handwriting analysis prior to trial.

Attorney Herbert McKenzie, who represents Ms. Stoutt, said the allegations read in court failed to implicate his client.

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