Two Himacs perched on the narrow breakwater outside Nanny Cay Marina on Tuesday scooping up dirt in a hurry, trying to meet a deadline. Nearby, two workers were busy laying a brick walkway just outside the marina’s Peg Leg’s Restaurant as several others were installing the wiring on a new section of dock the marina just purchased.

The works, which also include refurbishing the marina’s fuel dock, likely will be complete in time for the start of the annual BVI Charter Yacht Show on Tuesday, Miles Sutherland Pilch, the marina’s general manager, said.

“I’m thrilled,” he said of the improvements to the marina, before pausing a moment.

“Obviously, I’ll be more thrilled when we start the show and it’s all in place.”

Mr. Sutherland Pilch said Tuesday that more than 75 charter yachts are expected to come to the facility for the four-day show, which serves as an opportunity for the brokers who book sailing vacations around the world to come to the Virgin Islands to inspect the boats and their crews.


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