Nature’s little sequels

Like most industries, the BVI film economy has been affected by the recent downturn in the world’s economy. However, we have managed to maintain a healthy balance and the BVI Film Commission is now embarking on a renewed and re-invigorated marketing strategy to reintroduce Nature’s Little Secrets as the top Caribbean film location.

— Film Commission website


Fast and Furious 7: Speedbumps

Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson lead the returning cast of all-stars as the global blockbuster franchise built on speed hits the biggest pothole on the planet. In their most dangerous adventure yet, the motley crew of outlaw street racers find themselves on the streets of Tortola in the Virgin Islands. Fugitive ex-con Dom Toretto (Diesel) and his gang are there to find the truth about the recent financial services leak. But trust company officials shut them out, forcing them to take to the streets in search of answers. Unfortunately, the streets of Tortola leave much to be desired. The expert drivers wreck one Ferrari after another as they attempt to skirt potholes, unmarked speedbumps and bad drivers in pursuit of criminals who are far more familiar with the VI’s poorly maintained infrastructure. Will they discover the leaker’s identity? Or will his superior knowledge of the Ridge Road drive them back to the safer streets of New York City?

Spider-Man 4

Your friendly neighbourhood web-slinger is back. This time, though, his mild-mannered alter-ego, Peter Parker, is taking a break: Hoping to forget about his ill-fated love for Lois Lane, he takes a hard-earned vacation in the sunny Virgin Islands. After falling in love with the sandy shores and blue waters, he witnesses a burglary in Road Town. He dons his Spidey suit and thwarts the offender, but he is chagrined to learn that his new vacation destination is threatened by a rising crime rate. So he decides to stick around and help. Unfortunately, his attempts to obtain a trade licence as a crime fighter are rebuffed by the Department of Trade and Consumer Affairs. Forced to get a work permit instead, Peter falls back on his experience in journalism and gets a position at a local newspaper. Soon, the job is sucking up all of his waking hours as he struggles to report the news in a territory where government officials are notoriously tight-lipped. As a result, he has precious little spare time to devote to fighting crime: As he tries to find his rhythm in an anything-goes media landscape, the streets are becoming increasingly chaotic. Will his web shooters and Spidey sense be enough to get an interview with Deputy Premier Dr. Kedrick Pickering about the airport expansion? Or will he be fired and deported before he can save the VI from nefarious criminals?


Indiana Jones and the Gov’t Bureaucracy

The search for the Holy Grail was easy compared to what’s in store for everyone’s favourite archaeologist-adventurer in this new action-packed thriller. More than 20 years after his search for the venerable chalice, Indiana Jones dusts off his hat and trusty whip and heads to the Virgin Islands. There, the emeritus professor plans to combine a resort stay with leisurely archaeological research cataloguing the territory’s historical sites. But those sites are nowhere to be found. Most of them are completely overgrown by thick bush and virtually inaccessible — if not entirely destroyed by the elements. He realises that bold action is urgently needed. In his quest to find and preserve what remains, Indy comes face-to-face with snakes, barbed wire, machete-wielding landowners, government bureaucracy and — worst of all— a total lack of preservation legislation. If he fails in the most difficult quest of his life, much of the territory’s history will be lost forever. Worse, no one seems to care.

Finding Nemo BVI

In another stunning underwater adventure, Finding Nemo BVI follows the journey of an overly protective clownfish named Marlin and his son Nemo as they take a wrong turn on the way to Miami and find themselves stranded on a reef in the Virgin Islands.

After a few close calls, the two are taken in by a school of hardnose, and they plan to be on their way in the morning. But then one of their new friends goes missing, and they discover that he has been eaten by one of the many invasive lionfish threatening coral reefs in the VI. Nemo and Marlin decide to stick around and help — but then Nemo, too, is swallowed by a lionfish. Is it the end for the world’s most lovable clownfish? Or will he pull a Jonah and figure out a way to rescue VI reefs from the most dangerous enemy they have ever faced?